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​Why Visit The UK?

  • Extensive and fascinating history

  • Rich culture, art, and heritage

  • Explore the best sceneries across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

  • Delicious food to test taste buds

  • Vibrant cities like London, Edinburgh, and Manchester with Iconic landmarks

  • Ultimate destination for Sports and Recreation

UK Visit Visa

Do you plan a memorable trip to explore the United Kingdom? The UK welcomes tourists with various leisure options and business opportunities. The first and foremost thing to consider is realising you plan to apply for a UK visit visa in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

UK visas usually have requirements that can be challenging for a candidate. The application process can be lengthy and full of hassles. The best thing for you to do to ensure a smooth and stress-free journey is to take on the services of registered consultants – and this is just where we at Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency step in! With our experienced team of we provide services like eligibility assessment, arranging documents, submission of accurate online visa application form, and post-landing services.

Our experts will make your visitor visa application process simpler and faster. If you are eligible for all the required documents and the embassy does your background check regularly, your travel document can be processed within 30 working days. Contact our team of professionals today.

Categories Of UK Visitor Visa

It allows foreigners to stay in the country for six months. There are various categories through which visitors can explore the country depending on the purpose of travel.



Travel to the UK on a standard visitor visa for brief business visits, medical purposes, recreation, and relaxation. It is valid for 6 months, and you can’t study or work with this document.



It is for a short duration for foreigners travelling to other countries but will transit through the UK during the trip. The validity is for 48 hours only.



You can grab it for a vocational study course. Usually, such visas are valid for 6 to 11 months, and you are not permitted to perform business activities on this visa.



It is for overseas workers whose services are required by local companies. You need to provide a letter of invitation from the company to get this visa approval for a month.



Parents can apply at a nearby UK embassy to meet their children studying in UK institutions. The validity of this visa is between six to twelve months.



It is to attend wedding functions in England, Scotland, or Wales. The marriage can be between a British citizen and a noncitizen. The permit is valid for six months.

Overview Of UK Tourist Visa

UK Tourist Visa from grants permission to foreign travellers to enter the country for up to 180 days. Applicants should prove a valid purpose for their travel, such as:

  • Visiting the UK for family meet-up or catch up with friends and relatives.

  • For attending conferences, meetings, and signings related to business.

  • Training or a short course for six months

  • If you're visiting the UK to participate in academic research or exchange programs, you might be eligible for a stay of 12 months.

  • Further, if you visit the UK for medical treatment, you will be granted a valid document with entry requirements for 11 months.

 Discuss your travel plan with our expert agents in Dubai to check whether you need a visit or an electronic visa.

Features Of UK Visit Visa 

The United Kingdom features among the most robust economies in Europe, with endless tourist attractions. Giant castles, historical buildings, and cultural museums across England, Wales, and Scotland. You can also visit Northern Ireland after successful application with UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) or any affiliated visa application centre like VFS Global. UK Visit Visa allows you to explore the UK’s cultural heritage and hi-tech growth. Travellers are fascinated by the breathtaking scenery in Great Britain, which consists of Scotland’s highlands, the green hills and sheep of Wales, and the beautiful landscapes in England. Food lovers are exposed to local and continental eateries famous for delicious food. England is renowned for sports tourism as it hosts premiere events in Football, tennis, golf, motor racing, and cricket annually at historical venues to allow tourists to witness the greatest spectacle in sports.

Visa Requirement For UK Tourist Visa

To be eligible, the country’s Home Department has the following requirements.

  • Show a solid connection to your home country to return after expiry. A return ticket is required.

  • Detailed itinerary of stay along with the intended date of travel

  • Bank statements to establish enough funding to bear the travel expenses of individuals and family members.

At Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency, we make you understand the entire application process with clarity. 

Documents Required For Travel To Great Britain

Before getting started with the application process, make sure to gather the following documents listed below to fulfill the requirements for the UK visitor visa:

  • A copy of a valid passport

  • Photographs and relevant travel history

  • A complete travel itinerary, hotel bookings

  • Bank statement showing sufficient funds to manage your expenses during your stay in the UK.

  • Visa fee payment receipt paid through debit card or credit card

  • Invitation letter

  • Confirming return air ticket that you will leave the country once you are done with the travel purpose.

  • Biometric information

Additional Documents:

  • If you're travelling to the UK with your spouse, you must provide a copy of your marriage certificate.

  • If your kids are accompanying you, give a copy of the birth certificate as age-proof

  • Other supporting documents like educational certificates


Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency was founded and established in September 2022 as a private limited liability company in the Republic of Cameroon.

It was registered under licensed number RC/DLBB/2022/B/769.

for the past years, prince mesue recruitment agency has been offering Human resource services including payroll management, recruitment and employer of record (EOR).  Prince mesue recruitment agency has equally been active in other service areas like visa consultancy, general commerce, admission into foreign universities, supplies, as well as internship and volunteer placement. 


Prince mesue recruitment agency is located in Cameroon- Douala littoral region, at Bonaberi Rue D'ABBATOIR Petit tow Carrefour avenir and has external partners and network spanding across Africa, Asia and Europe. 

prince mesue recruitment agency is made up of dedicated, experienced and qualified professionals with proven track record of delivering exceptional results to help its partners and clients. 

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