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Recruitment Services

At Prince mesue recruitment agency we eat, breathe, and live recruitment. With huge experience in the industry, we have successfully carved a niche which has made us one of the leading recruitment firms in Cameroon. We provide partial to complete recruitment services to companies of different sizes and industries. Our experienced and talented recruiters can help your organization successfully close any number of vacant positions seamlessly.


Prince mesue recruitment agency handles all your recruitment across all industry segments globally, starting with placements in commercial, Engineering & Construction categories, White Collar (Staff) as well as Blue Collar (Labour), for all sectors including Oil & Gas. (Petrochemical, Refinery, Fertilizer, Power Plants automobile, and Multinational Hospitals etc.

We have set our standard very high in such a way we source and make sure the right candidates get the right position.

Most businesses recognise that their staff are their greatest asset. Therefore an effective and fair recruitment and selection process is vital for finding and employing the right people for the job. Additionally, it can also ensure that the new employee becomes efficient in the shortest time.


The Recruitment Process Which Yields Results:

We, at prince mesue recruitment agency understand that every organization has distinct hiring requirements for different positions. Therefore, we make sure that our recruitment process for firms is not identical. Instead, we design our recruitment process by keeping in mind your distinct requirements and end goals. As one of the leading recruitment agency, we help your organization throughout the recruitment life cycle. If that already got you curious about what makes our recruitment process a hit, let's delve into the detailed stages of it:

  • Identifying your organization's requirements and expectations from recruitment

  • Coming up with a unique recruitment plan that best fits your needs

  • Crafting the ideal candidate qualities for the required job profile

  • Posting job requirements on various recruitment channels, including professional social networking sites

  • Shortlisting appropriate candidates through personalized offline and online methods

  • Carrying out the pre-screening process to forward only the best suitable candidates to you for further rounds of interview

  • Assisting your internal team with the candidate-selection process

  • Handling the final procedure of document collection and verification of the selected candidate

Recruitment Support

sourcing talent that fits your business needs

When your organization's internal HR department already has a lot more on their platter, finding the time to search and shortlist the right candidate for vacant job positions can be incredibly difficult. After all besides recruitment, the HR department has to handle the organization's internal processes as well such as employee training, payroll and benefits. That makes it impossible for them to solely focus on organization's recruitment needs. Prince mesue recruitment Agency you can let your HR department handle the core needs of your business while we help you in recruiting the right candidates.

At Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency, we sort the candidates based on their qualifications and soft skills after initial sourcing. While carrying out the pre-screening process, we also analyse the candidates' social skills and emotional quotient to decide whether they fit into your organization's culture and environment.

looking Beyond The Curriculum vitae

To select only the most deserving candidate, it is essential to gather as much information as possible about them. For that, Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency team makes sure to follow every crucial task including cross-verifying candidates' personal and professional details and reaching out to candidates' references to acquire relevant deeper information about them such as their professional conduct, behaviour and objectives.

Breaking The Communication Barriers

When you get Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency on-board for your recruitment needs, we strive to become your recruitment partner in every possible way. We take charge of everything right from the initial requirement identification phase to the post-selection stage, handling all the communication between shortlisted candidates and your organization. So whether it is calling and emailing the candidates, scheduling interviews, dealing with correspondence and documents, or contacting the selected candidates; we handle everything for you. Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency is your one-stop recruitment Agency.


Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency was founded and established in September 2022 as a private limited liability company in the Republic of Cameroon.

It was registered under licensed number RC/DLBB/2022/B/769.

for the past years, prince mesue recruitment agency has been offering Human resource services including payroll management, recruitment and employer of record (EOR).  Prince mesue recruitment agency has equally been active in other service areas like visa consultancy, general commerce, admission into foreign universities, supplies, as well as internship and volunteer placement. 


Prince mesue recruitment agency is located in Cameroon- Douala littoral region, at Bonaberi Rue D'ABBATOIR Petit tow Carrefour avenir and has external partners and network spanding across Africa, Asia and Europe. 

prince mesue recruitment agency is made up of dedicated, experienced and qualified professionals with proven track record of delivering exceptional results to help its partners and clients. 

Connect with us


Head office:

Cameroon, Douala-Bonaberi

+237 6 52 82 34 10


Opening Hours:

Mondays to Fridays 7:30am to 4:30pm

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