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Why Tour Australia?

  • Australia is a vast country; most portion is untouched and in its natural state

  • Explore divine beaches and enjoyable road trips

  • Unique flora & fauna, bird life, and ample national parks

  • Incredible cities like Sydney and Melbourne

  • Adventure, sports, and recreation opportunities

  • Vibrant culture and welcoming society

  • Cruise and enjoy water bodies

Australia Visit Visa

​Are you planning an Australian trip to explore the beautiful and relaxing beaches? You will need a visitor visa to explore the beautiful country. We can help you avail of your visit visa for Australia more efficiently and quickly. The non-immigrant visa lets you enter the country Down Under as a tourist for a short duration, meet up with family members and friends, attend a business conference, or get medical treatment. Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency is here to help you in the application process to make your Australian visa application simple. We will guide you throughout the process and ensure that your documentation follows norms and that an accurate application is submitted on time. Schedule a free consultation to learn how we can assist you with your travel requirements.

Categories Of Australia Tourist

The Australia Tourist Visa has various categories which depend on the purpose of stay and the nationality. Know your type:

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This stream authorises you to travel to Australia as a tourist, see family and friends, or for business or medical treatment. It has tourist, family-sponsored, and business streams. Depending on your requirements, it can grant you a stay of up to 12 months. Business stream authorises stay up to 3 months only. 



This Australia tourist visa is a free electronic permit for Australia granted to an eligible passport holder of a specific country. Enter the country as many times as you wish within a 12-month period. You can stay up to 90 days every time you enter Australia. This visa type lets tourists enter Australia for family gatherings, to meet friends, to cruise, or to attend business events. Sometimes, you can also study or train for up to 3 months. 



It is a temporary Australia visa for eligible passport holders. You can visit Australia as often as you wish in a 12-month period and stay up to 3 months every time you enter Australia. Travelers can apply outside the country using the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) app. If the app is not understandable, you can apply online for this Australian visa through ImmiAccount for another visa category that suits your specific needs.

Overview Of Australia Visit Visa

Several options are available for visiting, working, studying, or living in Australia. Temporary entry for short-term tourism and leisure trips can be allowed for a 3, 6, or 12 months validity for a single entry or multiple entries. You can apply inside or outside for tourist, business, and family-sponsored streams according to your requirements and status.

Features Of Australia Visit Visa 

Australia has fantastic natural beauty, pristine beaches, multicultural cities, and superb wildlife to explore. It occupies the major landmass on the continent, with a strong economy, political stability, and safe security, and the locals always welcome visitors. International travel to Australia recovered in 2022, with more than 19 million arrivals. The recent short-term visitor arrivals were 663,760 – an increase of 158,520 trips annually in November 2023, according to the findings of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data. The Australia visit visa is simple if you have the necessary documents for the visa application process. You can 

Required Documents For Australia Visa Applications 

Below is a detailed list of all the documents required for an Australia visit visa application.

  • Original passport and photographs on a white background

  • National ID card Resident 

  • Filled out online application and visa application fee receipt

  • Bank statement to establish sufficient funds for travel expenses

  • Clearance certificate from Police with zero criminal record

  • Meet all the health standards and submit the positive medical report, if required

  • Travel arrangements, including travel date, hotel reservation, and travel insurance

  • Valid trade license copy in case of business visit

  • NOC letter from the company or educational institution

  • Trade license copy for short business people

  • Return air ticket

  • Provide all the valid documents and Invitation letters from the sponsors

  • Provide the supporting documents, if demanded by the Australian airport immigration officer


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It was registered under licensed number RC/DLBB/2022/B/769.

for the past years, prince mesue recruitment agency has been offering Human resource services including payroll management, recruitment and employer of record (EOR).  Prince mesue recruitment agency has equally been active in other service areas like visa consultancy, general commerce, admission into foreign universities, supplies, as well as internship and volunteer placement. 


Prince mesue recruitment agency is located in Cameroon- Douala littoral region, at Bonaberi Rue D'ABBATOIR Petit tow Carrefour avenir and has external partners and network spanding across Africa, Asia and Europe. 

prince mesue recruitment agency is made up of dedicated, experienced and qualified professionals with proven track record of delivering exceptional results to help its partners and clients. 

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