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Using the right agency can make all the difference in how smoothly your project comes together and how easy it is to keep things running smoothly throughout your company project phase and beyond.

Prince mesue recruitment agency equally provides, offering everything from electrical, assembly line workers to housekeeping staff and material handling, packaging, and labour management staff. We are the best agency which recruit and provide labour contractors in Cameroon for our professionalism, reliability, skill level, and customer service excellence, allowing us to provide our clients with unparalleled support at every stage of their company project. We are registered under Companies Registration number RCC/DLBB/2022/B/769 and we are capable of meeting your day-to-day requirements in no time. We recruit and present the right person for the right job. We provide highly qualified professionals and skilled workers to support the best workers in the short, medium, and long term.

Given how sensitive your productivity is to the people who work for you and their skills, you may need a partner you can trust to meet your needs and provide quality service. We value the skills of the workforce we put at your disposal, analyzing your needs and your situation to know what you need when you need it and how much you need.

Providing Impeccable Manpower Recruitment

When it comes to hiring manpower, organizations often feel stuck. They either lack sufficient resources, time, or funds. The situation can leads to hiring wrong people, which can be harmful for your organization in the long run. That's where manpower services by prince mesue recruitment agency can come to your rescue. One of the reasons why we are one the topmost Cameroon manpower agency is because we follow a set of procedures to meet desired manpower standards.

The stages of our manpower solutions include:

  • Spending sufficient time to identify your organization's personnel requirements

  • Coming up with a desired candidate profile description based on your requirements and getting it approved from your requirements

  • Finding and shortlisting suitable candidates and after initial screening, forward their profiles to you

  • Scheduling interviews and coordinating with the candidates for the same

  • Providing complete support to the candidate for the post-selection procedure

Optimum Use Of Resources For Candidates Sourcing

The expert team at prince mesue recruitment agency, rely on various resources to find manpower in Cameroon and across the world. Apart from headhunting, we extensively utilize digital platforms as well such as job portals and professional social network, for sourcing the right manpower for your organization.

We don't just post requirements on digital platforms, but we also analyse the social profiles of potential candidates to gauge their interest levels and career goals. Our team then gets connected with the shortlisted candidates through calls or emails for further discussion.

A Meticulous Approach To Hiring

Manpower requirements of organizations keep fluctuating from time to time. By partnering with prince mesue recruitment agency, you get the flexibility you need. We step in when you have manpower requirements and we find the right candidates for all the open positions. Once the requirements are met, we step back just as easily.

Our team sources the right talent to close the open positions in your firm. We serve all kinds of industries globally. In fact, our international recruitment solutions also include visa and immigration processing assistance to take off the additional burden from you. All in all, our goal is to provide you with apt manpower solutions in a time-bound manner.

Associating with Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency for your recruitment needs can prove to be beneficial for your firm in a number of ways, including:

  • We have a huge pool of global candidate database that keeps increasing everyday

  • By letting us on-board, your organization saves a lot of time that a recruitment process typically requires

  • By partnering with us, you can considerably save on your organization's recruitment cost as our solutions are cost-effective and scalable

  • Our extensive experience and adaptable processes let us close the positions faster than your expectations.

End To End Solutions

Prince Mesue Recruitment agency believes in providing successful end-to-end manpower services. Our work starts when you first approach us with your requirements and it doesn't end with candidate selection. We also carry out the pre-selection processes like candidate screening and scheduling interviews, handling post-selection processes also come under our responsibilities.

We collect all the necessary information with document proofs such as, identity cards and salary slips, of the selected candidate. We thoroughly educate the candidate about your organization's laws and culture. In the case of migration, we handle visa processing and health check-ups too.


Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency was founded and established in September 2022 as a private limited liability company in the Republic of Cameroon.

It was registered under licensed number RC/DLBB/2022/B/769.

for the past years, prince mesue recruitment agency has been offering Human resource services including payroll management, recruitment and employer of record (EOR).  Prince mesue recruitment agency has equally been active in other service areas like visa consultancy, general commerce, admission into foreign universities, supplies, as well as internship and volunteer placement. 


Prince mesue recruitment agency is located in Cameroon- Douala littoral region, at Bonaberi Rue D'ABBATOIR Petit tow Carrefour avenir and has external partners and network spanding across Africa, Asia and Europe. 

prince mesue recruitment agency is made up of dedicated, experienced and qualified professionals with proven track record of delivering exceptional results to help its partners and clients. 

Connect with us


Head office:

Cameroon, Douala-Bonaberi

+237 6 52 82 34 10


Opening Hours:

Mondays to Fridays 7:30am to 4:30pm

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