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Studying abroad is always a wonderful idea because you may get knowledge from a variety of cultures. By engaging with additional people and learning from them, you can widen your knowledge. You also receive more exposure to a variety of aspects that you might not encounter in your home nation. Prince mesue recruitment agency (PMRA) helps you entirely in pursuing your studies abroad. Our professional staff and experts help you from the beginning of the admission process till your departure to your chosen university abroad.

  • We will arrange your meeting with our senior study Abroad Consultants who will project the summary of the process in the simple way.

  • Discussion and check eligibility about the student’s requirement with respect to dream university

  • Arranging Dedicated case officer who will take care of the entire admission process.

  • Guiding on the application process & communicate regularly both with the students and the selected university and updating you timely manner

  • As we received offer letter, Higher Education Journey Begins and we will assist you till end

What We Offer

Why Study Abroad

International Universities undeniably provides better education, be it in terms of course content or internship opportunities and more.

 Better quality of Education

 Increased exposure

From mingling and getting exposed with cultures all around the world, studying abroad helps you to mold a better personality and living experience.

 Provision for financial independence

By leaving a room for active part-time and full-time freelancing work, life abroad will expose you to financial independence and management.

With increased number of various educational courses, a remarkable hike in the job opportunities are witnessed abroad.

 Better job opportunities

 Universally accepted courses

We make sure that the courses and universities selected by our students are universally accepted and certified.

By getting exposed to a different lifestyle and mixed culture studying abroad definitely results in upgraded lifestyle.

 Upgraded lifestyle

Our Global
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Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency is a reputable license private limited liability company in the Republic of Cameroon, registered under licensed number RC/DLBB/2022/B/769. Prince mesue recruitment agency is located in Cameroon- Douala littoral region, at Bonaberi Rue D'ABBATOIR Petit tow Carrefour avenir.
We are made up of experienced and qualified professionals whose aim, is to help its partners and clients to capitalize on new and unseen talents, driven opportunities so as to achieve more than they can imagine through the provision of Recruitment, visa Consultancy, Business consultancy, document clearance, General supplies and commerce within Cameroon and the African Market. 

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Head office:

Cameroon, Douala-Bonaberi

+237 6 52 82 34 10


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