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​Why Visit Canada?

  • The great outdoors and unique cities to explore.

  • Rich culture and friendly locals

  • Rocky Mountains, wildlife, and beautiful national parks

  • Delicious food and drink

  • Skiing and other winter sports, plus round-the-clock recreational activities

Canada Visit Visa 

Are you planning a short-term but memorable visit to Canada? You require a valid visa to enter Canada. The Canadian Government issues Canada visas to foreign nationals who want to visit the country temporarily. However, applying for a Canada tourist visa is not easy, as there are specific terms to adhere to, as per the Canadian immigration department. To receive your Canada visitor visas smoothly, you can get help from Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency. We can help you obtain a Canada visit visa through a cost-efficient and accelerated process.

Categories Of Canada Visitor Visa

Tourists can apply for a Canadian visitor visa online either for a single entry or multiple entry purposes. The single-entry visa allows tourists to enter Canada only once. In contrast, the multiple entry visa gives entry permission to Canada multiple times during a specified period until the visa expiry is due.



A single-entry visa permits travelers to enter Canada only once. This type of visa is typically granted to those eligible for a fee exemption. It has a limited purpose for visiting Canada, such as an official visit by a foreign national or participation in a one-time special event. Approved country-specific procedures or guidelines may be available at a nearby visa office.



A multiple entry visa allows foreign travelers multiple entries and stays up to six months at a time within the Canada visa validity period. The visa is usually valid for up to ten years or until 1 month before the passport’s expiration date, whichever is shorter. It is essential to enter Canada before the visa expiry date.

Features Of Canada Visitor Visas

Canada is a must-see place for tourists. It has one of the longest ski seasons, many UNESCO World Heritage sites, and some of the most exciting wonders of nature. The country has a rich cultural heritage, and locals are warm and gracious toward tourists.

The country has fantastic outdoors, delicious food and drink options and unforgettable wildlife. You can also explore multicultural cities, Yukon’s northern lights, and the Rocky Mountains. National parks offer driving and camping options as the main attractions.

The recent tourist influx matches the pre-COVID levels, with the number of tourists increasing encouragingly in 2022 and 2023. Apply for a Canada Visa through Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency, see the famous Niagara Falls CN Tower, and feel the advanced country’s beat and technological advancement.

Required Documents For Canada Visitor Visa

To obtain a visitor visa in Canada, a candidate will require all the necessary documents listed below:

  • Passport details with original copy and travel document with detailed information on travel history

  • Online visa application

  • Photos with white background

  • Bank statement showing enough money to bear travel expenses

  • If Invited, proof of a letter from permanent residents or people holding citizenship in Canada

  • Police clearance certificates

  • Healthy Medical report

  • NOC from employer mentioning joining date or producing appointment letter on demand

  • Nonrefundable visa fee receipt

  • Valid trade license copy for business visa and required details of the partners or investors for conferences or meetings.

  • Return ticket and travel insurance

  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation

  • Other supporting documents, if demanded by the border services officer

Eligibility Criteria For Canada Visa

The eligibility criteria to apply for a visitor visa from the CIC website are as follows:

  • Applicant's Passport copy with a validity of 6 months

  • Identity proof

  • Two photographs

  • Sufficient funding in bank statements to take care of travel expenses

  • Travel Insurance coverage

  • Travel purpose and travel itinerary

  • Letter of invitation (sponsorship) from a Canadian citizen or residency permit holder

  • Written consent to return from Canada once the visa expires


Contact us to learn more about tourist visa requirements as per your application. Our Best Canada Visa consultations will guide you in explaining the process and how to improve your application.


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