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With our network of public and private companies as well as non governmental


organizations, Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency provide internship placement to students


of good morals and positive behavior so as to enable them apply the knowledge they have


learned from the classroom to the field while equally gaining more experience and


increasing their marketability, networking, and professionalism. on the other hand, we


equally provide volunteerism opportunity to students, young graduates and other responsible


individuals to help them connect in the community, learn new skills and even to advertise


their carrier. 


We are license Recruitment Agency in the Republic of Cameroon, made up of experienced and qualified professionals whose aim, is to help its partners and clients to capitalize on new and unseen talents, driven opportunities so as to achieve more than they can imagine through the provision of Recruitment, visa Consultancy, document clearance and training Services within Cameroon and the African Market. 


Head office:

Douala, Rail, Bonaberi

+237 6 52 82 34 10


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