Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency (PMRA) is a reputable license Recruitment Agency in the Republic of Cameroon, specialized in the provision of human resource service so as to effectively and efficiently support the implementation of organizational strategies.
Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency was founded and established in July 2014, and was incorporated in December 2015.
It is made up of a team of experienced and qualified professionals whose aim, is to help its partners and clients to capitalize on new and unseen talents, driven opportunities so as to achieve more than they can imagine through the provision of Recruitment and Consultancy Services within Cameroon and the African Market.  For the past 6 years, Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency has been supplying both skilled and unskilled workers to GCC Countries like Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Abu-Dhabi and Jordan. Prince Mesue Recruitment Agency is considered as the pride of Africa and the leading in the Republic of Cameroon.